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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

USB Safely Remove v5.0.1.1164 Final Full Crack

USB Safely Remove - Software yang membantu teman-teman untuk meremove flash-drives, portable drives, card readers dll. dengan aman. Penggunaannya tidak jauh berbeda dengan safely remove hardware bawaan windows tapi USB Safely Remove ini lebih optimal dan support bahasa indonesia.
It saves time...
- Displaying what prevents a device from being stopped
- Safe removal via hotkeys
Lets you recognize a device in a snap...
- The handy menu with device icons
- Real device names and the ability to rename them
- Lets you hide devices you never need to stop
Extends your portable opportunities...
- Program autorun on device connection\disconnection
- Command line for safe removal
Does unique things!
- Hiding drives of empty card reader slots
- Powers off devices in Vista and Win7
- Card reader memory cards ejection one-by-one
- Returning back a device just stopped

Operating systems

Windows 7Windows Vista 64Windows Vista 32Windows XP  
Installer & Patch Keygen

Download USB Safely Remove v5.0.1.1164 Final Full Crack
|File Size : 7MB|

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