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Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Swish Max 4 Full Patch

SWiSH Max - Dengan SWISH Max kita bisa membuat animasi-animasi yang sering kita lihat di Situs-situs atau Blog seperti baner iklan, Button, Navigasi Menu dll yang. Tidak hanya itu dengan SWISH Max tentunya, kita bisa membuat presentasi, Movie dll. berformat Flash Movie (SWF) yang nantinya bisa dieksport ke AVI, EXE, PNG atau animasi GIF. SWISH Max juga dilengkapi dengan Drawing Tool seperti Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square, Perspective dan AutoShapes yang mempermudah kita dalam membuat animasi nantinya.

  • Advanced Flash Creation Tool For The Graphic Artist Or Web Professional.
  • Creates Stunning Flash Animations and Websites with Ease.
  • Includes over 380 Preset Multimedia Effects.
  • Includes over 300 Ready-to-use Components and Vector Shapes.
  • Import Images, Graphics, Sound and Video from all popular formats.
  • Export Presentations to Flash, Video, EXE, GIF Animation or Image Sequence.
  • Powerful Scripting Language for Advanced Users.
  • Tools to Control Motion and Shape, Draw Shapes, Edit Text and more.
  • Project templates - Instant Results Using the Wizard Panel.
  • NEW! Morphing - Transform your shapes.
  • NEW! Filter and Blend Effects - Blur and glow while you blend shapes and more.
  • NEW! Improved Workflow - Advanced Find/Replace, New Script features, Paste options.

Operating systems

Windows 7Windows Vista 64Windows Vista 32Windows XP  
Installer & Patch Keygen

Download Swish Max 4 Full Patch
|File Size : 54MB|


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