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Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Jcreator Pro 5.0 Full Crack

JCreator adalah sebuah lingkungan pengembangan yang kuat interaktif (IDE) untuk teknologi Java yang menyediakan lebih banyak kekuatan di ujung jari Anda daripada semua editor biasa. Apa yang membuat JCreator dipotong di atas sisanya? Lihat saja apa yang JCreator dapat melakukannya untuk Anda:

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Selection margin with line numbers and file difference.
Instant color syntax selecting.
Unlimited Undo/Redo capability.
Visible display of tabs and spaces
A powerful search and replace engine for single and multiple documents.
Word completion.
Format text capabilities.
Advanced edit commands for selecting and deleting text.
Comment selections.
Code folding.
Block selection.
Colored bracket matching.
Code templates with context macros.
Add or modify existing document classes for syntax selecting.
Word Wrap new!.
Spelling new!.

User Interface::
Customizable toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and user-defined button images.
Tabbed documents (multi row, re-orderable, context menus).
Dockable toolbars and workspace windows.
Auto-hide workspace windows.
Full screen mode.
Intelligent docking assistants.

File Management::
File templates with context macros.
Workspace stucture for grouping projects.
Projects mounted to system directories.
Projects based on virtual folders.
Delete, rename, include and exclude files directly from the File View.
Integrated CVS.
File properties viewer.

Class and Interface wizard.
Implement Interface wizard.
Insert Bean Methods wizard.
File splitter.
Build Project, Folder or File.
Execute & Build Project.
JDK Tools.
JDK Profiles.
JDK Debugger.
Classpath management.
Code Identifier.
Code Completion .
Code Refactory new!.
Optimize Imports new!.
Symbol Check new!.
Import Suggestion new.
User Class Coloring new!.
Context-sensitive help on Java classes, methods and variables.
Source code navigation.
Runtime configurations.
Java Console.

Colored syntax selecting.
Code Completion for tags, Java and HTML.
Code Templates.

Colored syntax selecting.
Code Completion.
Code Templates.
Data view explorer.
Assign targets to IDE commands.

Operating systems

Windows 7Windows Vista 64Windows Vista 32Windows XP  
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