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Minggu, 06 November 2011

Trillian 5 Pro For Windows v5.1.0.15 | BETA |

Trillian 5 Pro For Windows - Software ini Dapat kita Gunakan untuk bisa chatting dengan teman ataupun saudara kita melalui Google, MySpace IM, Skype, dan Facebook, serta AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, dan IRC. Tentu asyik bukan?
Kita juga bisa menggunakan trillian kedalam app alert Twitter dan Facebook, Memeriksa e-mail pun juga bisa dengan menggunakan software ini (baik POP3 dan IMAP).__Berani Coba???

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Functional and powerful chat
  1. Chat with video and audio
  2. Tabbed chats with text, emoticons, and pictures
  3. Get in style with themes and skins
  4. Use animated widgets to broadcast your status
Information at your fingertips
  1. Connect to WLM, Google, Facebook, and more
  2. Show contacts and social news feeds
  3. See the status of your contacts at a glance
  4. Receive real-time notifications of changes
Efficient and sophisticated
  1. Minimize your IM world with Trillian Cobalt
  2. Search and archive chats with activity history
  3. Extend your Trillian possibilities with plugins

Operating systems

Windows 7Windows Vista 64Windows Vista 32Windows XP  
Installer & Patch Keygen(Password:ardik)

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