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Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Steganos Password Manager 12 + Serial

Steganos Password Manager 12 adalah software yang bisa Menciptakan dan menyimpan password dan kode akses lain dalam satu daftar dienkripsi. Ingat hanya satu password. Sangat mudah, cepat dan aman.
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Password management made easy

Creates and stores passwords and other access codes in one encrypted list. Remember only one password. It’s easy, fast and secure.

 NEW  Special entry form for bank accounts, credit cards and master data

Allows direct access to bank account and credit card data as well as to personal data like address, telephone number, e-mail etc. – neatly arranged.

 NEW  Steganos tool bar for more convenience

With just one click, Steganos Password Manager™ fills out website forms automatically with your name and address – extremely useful for online competitions and ordering forms.

 NEW  Steganos Password Widget

This tool offers you instant access to your password list. Once the widget is activated, it is always visible on your screen and allows direct access to the data in the Steganos Password Manager without invoking the complete Steganos Password Manager interface. The Steganos Password Widget can be placed anywhere on the screen.

 NEW  Import passwords saved in Firefox

Passwords stored in Mozilla Firefox can easily be imported into the Steganos Password Manager. There, all passwords will of course be securely encrypted.

 NEW  Merge profiles

You can copy, move, transfer or even merge different profiles into one profile.

Make your passwords mobile

Store, manage, create and delete passwords and access codes even on the road. Works for every SmartPhone and PDA based on Windows mobile. A synchronizing feature easily updates new or changed passwords.

Take your passwords with you an a USB-stick

Store all your passwords and access codes on USB sticks so they're always at hand. Can be used on any other PC – without extra software or administration privileges (passwords are read only).

Need a password? Ask Steganos Password Generator™

Generate strong passwords with just a few clicks. Define password properties such as length, characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters. Plus: Steganos Password Generator™ shows how secure a self-selected password really is.

Open Steganos Password Manager™ your way

Allows manual access using a USB stick, PDA, memory card, digicam, or iPod®; visual access using a series of pictures or automatic access with an ActiveSync enabled mobile phone with bluetooth. Once the bluetooth device is out of range, the Steganos Password Manager™ closes automatically.

Steganos PicPass™!

Lets users access the Steganos Password Manager™ by selecting a series of images as a password, eliminating the need to memorize long and complicated passwords.

Online form filling made easy!

Indispensable tool for online sweepstakes and competition forms: Steganos Password Manager™ saves a lot of time entering sweepstakes and other online forms. It completely eliminates the annoying part of form filling: entering your personal information again and again and again. Fill out online forms with just one mouse click. Works as well with all other website entries. Quick, accurate and easy!

Super-comfy: Password Autofill!

Optionally, Steganos Password Manager™ enters user data and passwords automatically for website logins (Internet Explorer und Mozilla Firefox) – all you have to do is click "OK".

A click away from the right website

Launches websites from the Steganos Password Manager™ application window.

Use attachments for password entries

Add pictures or texts to password entries. Supports JPG, PNG and text files up to 64 KB.

Sort, organize, manage: Neatly arranged tree structure

Categorize passwords to quickly navigate, sort and search password entries (also full text). Categories can also be customized. With comment field for every entry.

Defeats key loggers

Prevents keyboard strokes from being recording with virtual keyboard – invaluable when accessing Steganos Password Manager™ on remote PCs.

Label your passwords

Saves valuable information about each password such as favorite products, order numbers, contacts, and customer service hotlines.

Several profiles on one PC

Creates individual password protected profiles on PCs with multiple users.

Uncrackable encryption with 256 Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Algorithm) (US)

Operating systems

Windows 7Windows Vista 64Windows Vista 32Windows XP  
Installer & Patch Keygen(Password:ardik)
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