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Kamis, 03 November 2011

Pointstone System Cleaner v5.9.5.361 + Patch

PC Anda melambat. Program tidak berjalan secepat mereka digunakan untuk; diperlukan waktu lebih lama untuk boot up di pagi hari dan kadang-kadang membutuhkan waktu lama untuk menutup pada akhir hari. Jangan khawatir, Anda tidak sendirian. Hal-hal terjadi pada semua PC akhirnya. Itu bukan salahmu.

PC Anda membutuhkan sesekali tune-up seperti mobil Anda tidak. File menjadi fragmented, cache disk yang mengisi, semua-penting Windows Registry akan tidak teratur dan, sebelum kau tahu itu, PC Anda mulai membiarkan Anda saat Anda membutuhkannya.

  1. The main program window is used to launch all the utilities included with System Cleaner.
  2. The Quick Maintenance utility performs an entire Windows optimization with just a single click. Automatically runs the most important services (Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner) to clean all the error producing junk files, broken shortcuts and registry problems.
  3. Quick Maintenance can also be scheduled to be run at a specific time without the need to have System Cleaner running.
  4. The Quick Maintenance results page allows you to see exactly how many problems were found on each category and correct all the problems found.
  5. Not sure what's on your computer or how it got there? Disk Cleaner was designed to show you and help you keep your computer running clean.
  6. Having a computer for some time, you forget how many programs you've installed, uninstalled, deleted, the number of files that were copied and so on. Where does all that garbage go? It's still there and Disk Cleaner was designed to help you recover all of the space that it taking up on your hard drives.
  7. The Windows Registry is a set of data files used to help Windows control hardware, software, the user's environment, the "look and feel" of the Windows interface and where programs store their data.
  8. Over time parts of the registry become invalid or point to locations that no longer exist.
  9. Registry Cleaner allows you to find and solve all the registry problems that can cause errors and unwanted behaviours with a few simple mouse clicks.
    The Registry Cleaner results page. You can easily see the list of errors found on each of the sections checked by Registy Cleaner.
    After using registry cleaner to identify and remove problems, the recently invalid entries removed leave empty spaces, meaning that the size of the registry remains unchanged.
    It goes without saying that loading a small registry is faster than a big one.
    You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate files scattered over your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are usually redundant and unnecessary, so keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of documents, mp3, photos and video and many of them are redundant.
    Privacy Protector is a safe and easy-to-use to use privacy protection tool that stops all those pesky snoopers such as Cookies, history,index.dat files, competitors (and even your boss!) from finding the trail of your computer use that modern internet browsers and many other programs leave behind. All this can be accomplished with a single click on the mouse, or even automatically!
    Pointstone Shredder comes with 10 of the most sophisticated data destruction algorithms in existence to be certain that your confidential files, data and information are totally beyond recovery.
  10. If you are like most computer users, you probably have no idea how many programs start themselves when you start your computer and Windows (and you probably don't care!). However, if you start to notice that your computer and Windows are taking an inordinately long time to start, then the chances are that it's these AutoStart Programs that are slowing things down.
  11. Windows Startup Manager takse back control of your startup process by loading only the required and desired programs at startup.
  12. Every program you install creates one or more entries on the Windows Registry to make any future removal easier.
  13. Uninstall Manager is designed to allow you to easily remove software from your PC and identify what programs no longer point to valid locations.
  14. Whenever you install software, the system contents and configuration change.
  15. System Snapshot track changes made to your computer by creating a snapshot of all system data, comparing the new system state and then reporting the changes.
  16. By using System Cleaner, you are able to make many changes to your system, including removing or relocating files, eliminating registry data, updating configuration information, and more.
  17. Restore Manager keep tracks of the changes made by the other tools, and allows you to easily undo them in case there's a need to.
    System Cleaner provides a central interface to quickly configure all the utilities.

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